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What is Authdeck?

Authdeck provides a two-way solution to verify humanity without losing anonymity and staying decentralized. Authdeck is a platform where you can prove your humanity by completing verification tracks which are mostly decentralized. By doing this - you would increase your reputation score which, other dApps would use to prove your humanity.

Verification Methods

  • Captcha
  • Social Verification
    • Twitter
    • Telegram (WIP)
  • Q&A to prove your humanity (WIP)
  • Blockchain History
  • Vouching System (WIP)

You can find more details about each track in Tracks

Why Authdeck?

The current verification in dApps is using KYC which is a complicated process and is not decentralized.

We use a simple process by calculating reputation based on multiple factors to prove your humanity without exposing yourself.

This is a win-win situation for both users and dApps as:

  • Users don't need to upload their personal documents, and wait for those documents to be verified by a thirdparty system.
  • dApps don't need to implement KYC - which is very complicated process and condradicts the purpose of dApps.

By using Authdeck:

  • Users just need to complete the verification tracks once.
  • Every dApp that's using Authdeck can call our API to verify the user without any hassle.