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The simplest of all, implemented for the sole reason of keeping bots away.

Solve captchas and get access to the rest of the site & some reputation!


Simple enough, right?

Social Verification

  • User signs nonce (message) using wallet
  • Tweet out the signature tagging @authdeck
  • Give us the link and chill, we'll verify you if the signature matches ;)


  • Answer autogenerated MCQ questions only humans would be able to
  • Since the questions are autogenerated and options are always shuffled, there's little to no way it can be automated by bots
  • Get 70% or higher to get the score attached with this track

Blockchain History

  • We fetch all the data we can about the wallet and pass it through our grading algorithm to provide you with a score of all the metrics combined.
  • You can read more about this track in: trustQL docs

Vouching System (WIP)

  • Founders start by vouching 5 users, then those 5 users get vouching access, with which they can vouch another 5 users, and the chain continues!
  • This track is the most valuable one, because if you get vouched, u don't need to complete other tracks - you are totally verified!